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I have chosen to do this project on littering in the woods, beach and city’s for my project, why it’s a concern and how its harming our environment and scenery.

Harms of littering

A few forms of common littering could be: cigarette butts, gum, dog waste, plastic cups, bags ect and people may not consider to wait till there out the woods/beach to find a bin or taking it to their car so they can throw the rubbish in the bin when they get home, so they leave the litter on the floor and many people must do this because you can see the waste left blowing in the wind or on the ocean bay.

This is a problem for it can become and eye sore on the environment and isn’t pleasant to look at. Among ruining the scenery this also harms the animals living in the environment, from squirrels and woodland critters living in the woods to the fishes and turtle’s living in the sea. The waste left by humans is so bad that its killing and harming the animals. Around 1.9 billion tonnes of litter ends up in the ocean every year according to

That’s more trash in the sea than the waste that makes it to an actual garbage bin.

When litter is left on a side walk or along curbs, it gets washed down during heavy rain, eventually this water leads to near rivers and oceans. Animals may mistake the items of litter floating in the water as food and could choke on them or may get entangled within them whilst swimming around. 

I was doing some research on this matter on the website PETA.

They explain that everyday litter is not only harming animals in the wilderness but things like cans and plastic bottles are harming stray wild life as well such as cats and dogs. Items like the plastic around six-pack cans have been found around the necks of cats and other home pets and birds are frequently getting their beaks wrapped up in discarded fishing line and swallowing the hooks getting them stuck in their beaks.  

These are the effects of our rubbish on the wildlife, this wont help with the litter but PETA have suggested that you at least: “cut apart all sections of plastic six-pack rings, including the inner diamonds.” To help save the animals.

Not only is this a problem for animals but this is a big problem on society and is affecting our lives as well.

First off it’s a crime to litter, yet many people do this anyway as you can see gum on the floor walking around town, plastic bags and face masks flying in the wind, fast food waste left everywhere and the list go’s on. This is incredibly selfish as for someone’s got to clean up this mess, some people even do it voluntarily. Thanks to these people they stop city’s and side walks from looking like a dump and prevent the region from becoming an eyesore to the people. If the waste was left this would leave people depressed living in practically a dump and it would degrade peoples life’s. 

528 words

How dose littering influence and affect your work as a creative practitioner?

Littering affects me as an artist because I like to go into nature and draw the scenery of the woods and the beach, I like drawing the flowers, trees, mushrooms and the different types of vegetation growing in the woods or any type of shell/ dead animal that has washed upon shore. 

When there is litter on the ground it’s a huge eye sore especially in a place like the woods and it’s not something I want to be drawing. If I was doing a scenery for instance I would not do any areas where there is trash on the floor there for limiting what I can draw, luckily for me the woods and beach near where I live are clean for the most part and rangers regularly go with trash bags to clean up as much as they can, but this is still an issue especially in other places and country’s. I wonder why there aren’t more bins in the woods but then again who’s going to come collect the trash bags weekly.

As explained in the effects of littering this is also harming the wildlife and if I was to put food out to draw a animal eating I wouldn’t want a harmed animal tangled in plastic to draw and I wouldn’t be able to catch it to free it of its suffering but on saying that it would be a good drawing to show people the harms we are leaving on this world and the suffering we caused.

As bad as litter in the city is I personally as an artist love drawing city’s and town as dumps with cigarettes on the floor and rubbish in every corner, flying down the streets. 

I like the atheistic of it, people living in horrible places – trash and graffiti on the walls. This is something that should be fixed yet If I was to draw a crowded place where people live I would chose this as the theme for me to draw.

After watch the Japanese movie “Akira” I’ve always been drawn towards drawing rundown places where everyone lives in their own filth. As an artist I can show people who have riches and live in nice areas that they shouldn’t take their lives for granted and that there are people living in poverty and rubbish. 

I would also draw animals in this area who are eating the human leftovers and their dead skeletons with all our plastic bottle caps and other small bits of plastic in their stomachs.

Art speaks and this would just show people exactly why we need to do as much as we can to clean up out trash if global pollution wasn’t enough of a concern.  

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